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Alfie & Molly are our adorable twin springer border collies who just love their treats.  After trying different treats we realised they were affecting Molly, not Alfie so much, in her temperament and overall well-being.  Once we discovered what these treats are made from, we decided to start baking our own treats and it made a massive difference, she had more energy, happier in herself and the loving dog she had always been, no longer snappy.  The transformation in her was so remarkable that we decided to share our treats.  

We make a whole range of treats which are home baked, nutrient dense and made from 100% human grade ingredients with real health benefits and organic as far as possible.  Every recipe we make is full of the highest quality human grade meats, vegetables and fruits were chosen for their high nutritional content and benefits to dogs, we also add herbs to our treats to ensure your dogs get the best.  All our treats are tried & tested by us, just to make sure they are perfect and by Alfie & Molly, of course, packed by us so we know exactly what goes into every treat.  We do not use anything artificial, any additives or preservatives or artificial colours or flavours; everything we produce is 100% natural and delicious.

We are regulated by DEFRA and are required to submit our products for regular testing to an independent laboratory in order to ensure they are safe for dogs to enjoy all our meat products.  We are registered with our local trading standards, have our CIEH Food Hygiene Safety Certification and are also fully insured.

Alfie & Molly As Puppies At 4 Weeks Old

Alfie & Molly as puppies


                                                                                                Alfie & Molly At 10 Weeks Old          

                                            Alfie & Molly As Puppies 4 Months Old

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